Welcome to the website dedicated to the book Frozen Mud and Red Ribbons, A Romanian Jewish girl’s survival through the Holocaust in Transnistria and its rippling effect on the Second Generation – published in Spring 2017 by ibidem Verlag with Columbia University Press.

You are cordially invited to the book Launch on January 21st 2018, organised by Spiro Ark, London. For more information, please visit Upcoming Events.

This website aims to broaden knowledge about different topics mentioned in the book, and to update about events and developments concerning these topics. It also provides details on the publication, promotion and distribution of the book.

My wish is to create a space for people to interact by sharing ideas and information. I put a foundation to this through the Blog page, where I write regularly and tell you about past events, talks and developments to do with the book. For vibrant discussions and connections with Second Generation of the Holocaust groups, you might wish to visit the Facebook page.

You are welcome to either write your comments on my blog in this website, or send me a private email to avitalbaruch@gmail.com . I would appreciate feedback and ideas about how to make this website useful and alive.

My best wishes to you all,

Avital Baruch