January 2017

This week was Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK (http://hmd.org.uk/page/about-hmdt). To commemorate it, events took place all over the country, and assemblies were dedicated to it at schools. On Tuesday, January 24th, there was an event at Stanmore Library in North London. It was organised by Judy Karbritz, Harrow’s Community Poet and co-founder of the Jewish Poetry Society. The theme was: The Holocaust, How Do We Move On. Twenty five people came and read from their poems and books, shared their sadness and their hope. I also read excerpts from my book Frozen Mud and Red Ribbons. No one present knew anything about the Holocaust in Romania before. I hope that by sharing my story, I was doing an important service of memorial to the hundreds of thousands that perished and suffered in Romania, to the survivors, and to the children of the Second Generation.  It was a moving, and if I may say so on such a subject, quite an enjoyable evening. The poems were beautiful, the stories were heroic. A wonderful initiative.


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